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Cookies for logged-in users

We use 2 session cookies for logged-in users. We need these cookies to ensure security and stability when you use our booking system. Both cookies are deleted automatically when you close the browser.


This standard cookie is used to check if the user is authenticated and contains the encrypted data to identify him on each page load.


This cookie is our own cookie with the data about the logged-in user such as user ID, e-mail and session ID.

Google Analytics

When you visit our website, we track information to analyze its usage by the help of Google Analytics. Google Analytics, a service owned by Google, inserts several first-party cookies to be able to perform this analysis. See Google's privacy information analytics for more information.

These Google Analytics cookies are used on

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We do not use Google Analytics on our booking solution, Berg-Hansen Webgate.

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third party cookies

In order to link content from Facebook, Instagram og Twitter.


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