Conditions for LOT

To qualify for the airline’s group price, the group must at all times comprise at least 10 people per departure.

Deadline for the submission of name lists:
– Within 30 days of departure

Remember that the name on the ticket must always be the same as the name on the passport.

Changing travel details:
– Names can be changed before ticket is issued
– Dates and times of travel can be changed before ticket is issued

Changes can only be made within Berg-Hansen Meetings & Events or the airline’s office hours (Monday to Friday 08:00 – 16:00).

Deadlines for issuing tickets: 
– Within 14 days of departure

Exceptions could apply to the above points. Costs may be incurred in connection with changes and cancellations. Flight taxes may change between the time prices are quoted and the time tickets are issued. We reserve the right to invoice additional charges in respect of the above if applicable.

Please note that Berg-Hansen’s general terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions above. If you require further information concerning the terms and conditions for your event, please contact your travel adviser.