Terms and conditions for leisure travel

The agreement between the customer and Berg-Hansen is deemed to have been entered into when Berg-Hansen has sent the customer a written confirmation of the booking (itinerary) by email. Berg-Hansen recommends that the customer reads and understands these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions and scope

  • «Customer» means someone who books one or more services offered by Berg-Hansen.
  • «Service» means a service offered on the website or by a travel consultant, such as the booking of transport or supplementary services.
  • «Vendor» means the provider of a service, such as an airline or a hotel.
  • «Website» means the website www.berg-hansen.no.
  • “Travel consultant” means a person working at Berg-Hansen.

2. Bookings – confirmation, amendment, cancellation and refund

Customers are liable for ensuring that the information they enter about themselves and, if relevant, their travel companions, is accurate. We draw particular attention to the fact that all names used in connection with flight bookings must be written exactly as they appear on the individual’s passport.

When booking, the customer will be notified of the terms and conditions relating to cancellation and alteration of flights and hotel accommodation. If you need assistance with changing or cancelling your booking, please call us at (+47 220) 08050.

Berg-Hansen emails the confirmation of the booking and a receipt to the customer. Upon receipt, these documents should be checked carefully. If no such confirmation has been received after 24 hours, the customer must contact Berg-Hansen by calling (+47 220) 08050.

Notification of any changes in itinerary etc., will also be sent to the customer’s email address. The customer therefore has a duty to check their email account regularly in the period up to departure.

Prices for Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS services (all prices are in NOK and included VAT):

Online booking at homepage/webgate/appPrice per person/per ticket
Air ticket, hotel or rental car NOK 105,-
Offline booking at our customer center Price per person/per ticket
Air tickets in NorwayNOK 223,-
Air tickets in the NordicNOK 223,-
Air tickets in EuropeNOK 425,-
Air tickets intercontinentalNOK 625,-
Hotel, rental car and boatNOK 112,-
Travel consultingNOK 995,- per hour
Other services Price per person/per ticket
Refund GDS (issued/activated ticket)NOK 375,-
Offline change (time, date or itinerary)NOK 375,-
24-hour service (price per inquiry)NOK 530,-

Any fees charged by the airline/hotel will be payable in addition. To secure the hotel you have booked, your credit card is used as a guarantee. Payment for your hotel accommodation takes place when you check out (the exception is prices marked as prepaid).

If the customer does not use the plane ticket, any air taxes and any amounts the airline is willing to reimburse will be refunded, provided that the amount exceeds our refund cost (see «Refund GDS» in the price list above). Please note that it can take several weeks to effectuate the refund, since this depends on the individual vendor’s own routines.

The consumer’s statutory cooling off period in connection with distance selling does not apply to the purchase of transport and travel services. The legislation covering the cooling off period for consumer purchases does not apply to the purchase of airline tickets via the website.
The provisions of the Package Tours Act do not apply to the booking of flights by themselves.

The data stored in Berg-Hansen’s information systems, and/or those of its vendors, is valid confirmation of the bookings made by the customer. Personal details will not be forwarded to any parties other than the airline that you are travelling with, the car hire firm, or the hotel you will be staying at.

Customers using the website must be aged 18 or over, and must otherwise be capable of assuming contractual liability, also on behalf of any other persons included in the booking.

3. Servies available online

Berg-Hansen develops, updates and operates the website as an interface between the customer and the various vendors. Air transport and hotel accommodation, car hire and the purchase of train tickets are subject to the vendor’s regulations and restrictions. These regulations and restrictions may include limits on and/or charges for booking changes and cancellations. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with the regulations and restrictions of hotels and airlines, particularly with respect to check-in times and approved transfer times between several flights (change of plane/route). Some airlines may charge extra for meals, luggage, choice of seat, etc. All information shown on the website may be amended at any time by the airline.

Prices are subject to change at any time, but not for bookings that have been confirmed by Berg-Hansen in accordance with point 2 above. Berg-Hansen has the right to cancel the customer’s booking if full payment is not received in time.

4. Other documentation, health, insureance

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she understands the requirements relating, for example, to passports, visas, currency, vaccinations and health. The prices quoted on the website do not include travel insurance. The customer is responsible for taking out any relevant travel insurance for the trip concerned. Customers without their own travel insurance, must bring their personal European Health Insurance Card (previously the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme’s form E111) with them while they are travelling.

It is the customer´s own responsibility to check whether vaccinations are recommended or mandatory for entry to another country. Information regarding this may be obtained from your GP or the Norwegian Public Health Institute.

Berg-Hansen recommends that customers read the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official travel advice before booking any foreign travel.

5. Berg-Hansen’s liability

Berg-Hansen is merely the agent for the airlines and accepts no liability for the airlines´ performance of the transport agreement. Pursuant to air transport legislation, this is a matter between passenger and airline.

From time to time, delays and/or cancellations may, regrettably, occur. The airlines have their own rules covering the provision of meals and, if necessary, overnight accommodation, etc. These are regulated by international agreements. In such an event, passengers should contact the airline’s on-site staff. Nevertheless, Berg-Hansen will, as far as possible, attempt to resolve any problems that may arise in connection with widespread delays and cancellations caused by circumstances which must be considered force majeure.

In the event of extraordinary delays due to force majeure, we act in accordance with the guidelines we receive from the airline. Berg-Hansen.no accepts no liability for the services which the customer has booked from vendors or any loss or damage for which the customer may claim under an insurance policy.

The information presented on the website has been provided by the vendors. Berg-Hansen accepts no liability for any errors or inaccurate information. The customer accepts that Berg-Hansen has no liability for direct or indirect losses (consequential loss) which may arise in connection with use of the website, delays or inability to use the website, or for the customer´s use of links included on the website.

6. Prices and payment

Verify that it matches your wishes. The total price stated shall include all fees, charges and taxes levied here in Norway. Local taxes and charges (eg, airport charges, customs duties, hotel taxes, tourist taxes, etc.) are not included and must be paid in situ. The prices include air tax and charges on the lowest cost route. All air tickets are issued and your credit card debited immediately.

Payment terms may vary from hotel to hotel. Some rooms must be paid for in advance. In which case, the hotel debits the amount immediately. In most cases you pay the hotel direct. Customers will be notified of this when they book.

7. Choice of law and legal venue

The parties´ rights and obligations under these general terms and conditions are determined in their entirety by Norwegian law. In the event of a dispute between Berg-Hansen and the customer, efforts will be made to reach a negotiated settlement. If such negotiations are unsuccessful, Berg-Hansen and/or the customer may bring the matter before the ordinary courts of law, unless the parties agree to go to arbitration. The proper legal venue for this agreement is Oslo District Court.

8. Force majeure

In the event of a “force majeure” situation (eg, a strike by a vendor’s staff or air traffic controllers), the obligations under these general terms and conditions will be temporarily suspended. When Berg-Hansen’s functionality is affected by force majeure, Berg-Hansen shall not be held liable for any inability to fulfil its obligations.

9. Package Tours Act

The Package Tours Act becomes applicable when the customer has bought both a flight and hotel accommodation in the same booking. Two separate bookings are not deemed to constitute a package tour. If flights and hotel accommodation are booked in the same operation, the ordinary terms for package tours apply. The provisions of the Package Tours Act (except the regulations relating to guarantees) do not apply to package tours booked through us which are not primarily intended for personal use. Read more about the Package Tour Act here.

10. Errors

Should the confirmation issued not correspond to the actual product booked, the customer has a duty to notify us immediately if such an error is discovered. Please call us the same day at (+47 220) 08050.


Should the customer have something about which they wish to complain, they must first notify the vendor on site of their complaint. They should then contact Berg-Hansen immediately, so that we can assess the claim at the earliest point in time. If the customer wishes to file a complaint once they have returned home, the complaint must be in Berg-Hansen’s hands no later than 30 days after their return. If the customer’s claim is not met or if the parties do not agree, the case can be brought before The Travel Complaint Handling Body or another dispute resolution board.

The EU’s compleints portal can also be used if the customer wishes to make a complaint. It is particulary relevant of the complaint is a customer resident in another EU/EEA country. The complaint is submitted here.

12.Gift Card

The gift card is valid for 24 months and can be used on travels booked at Berg-Hansen. A gift card is a document of value and cannot be replaces if lost.

To use the gift card to pay for a trip you need to contact us by phone or e-mail, and our travel consultants will help you with your booking. We need the gift card ID which is found on the gift card to make a booking. The gift card can be used on the whole booking or just parts of it.

13. Registration trip

The booking is binding, and the deposit paid is not refundable in case of cancellation. For more information, see the cancellation and refund policy for each individual registration trip. We recommend that you have a valid travel and cancellation insurance.